Dumbass bike messengers

Today is a cold day.  The temperature is currently 23 degrees Farhenheight.  I’m bundled up with a knit hat, ear muffs and a down hooded coat.  I was returning to the office with my lunch.  I was walking east bound on Prince Street and approaching Broadway.  I was walking past the Dean and Deluca kiosk when a voice behind me startles me and I realized a bike messenger narrowly passed me.  There weren’t any cars or traffic on Prince Street.  And in fact, if you didn’t already know, NYC has implemented biking lanes on the streets of Manhattan.  There is a biking lane on Prince Street.

I shouted to him, “You’re supposed to bike on the street, bud!”  I don’t know if he heard me.

I watched him as he approached Broadway, still peddling on the sidewalk when he turned down Broadway and was peddling on street.

What irked me the most was this guy was not peddling very fast.  He should have been on the streets along with the rest of the traffic, or on the bike lane.  And if he was bent on staying on the sidewalk, the jackass could have gone around me.  I was walking pretty close to the D&D kiosk leaving plenty of room for anyone to pass me on my right.  Instead, the bike messenger startles me and I moved aside for him to pass me.

At the corner of Broadway and Prince, traffic was moving pretty slowly down Broadway so I decided to cross the street.  A guy behind me was about to cross the street too when he was cut off by a speeding bike messenger going up on Broadway; nearly knocking down the pedestrian.  He shouted at the bike messenger.

And then at the corner of Lafayette and Bond, another bike messenger narrowly slips by me and cuts in front of me only to go in the opposite direction.

What is up with these bike messengers trying to narrowly slip by pedestrian on sidewalks and attempting to run pedestrian down on streets?!!

I’m all for riding your bikes whether it is for work or recreation but there needs to be some laws or making sure that bicyclist abide by traffic rules and if they don’t, they  should be ticketed or fined like anybody riding around a vehicle.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, January 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Dumbass bike messengers”

  1. Hey DC,

    I agree totally. Sydney has the same problem. All these guys (mostly guys) ride around the CBD delivering whatever the hell they deliver but in the process break all the road rules.
    They then complain that the “city” does not treat them like valid road users.

    Obey the rules and we have no problem. Ride your bike on the path and you can expect an umbrella in the spokes.

    Congrats on your new president. Personally, I and my mates are overjoyed!!


  2. We’re overjoyed and elated with our new President! I’m very excited and look forward to his policies, changes, improvements, solutions, and reactions to the various issues that not only plague our country but its affects on the rest of the world. Cheers!!

  3. I’m a NYC bike messenger and I find your gripe offensive. I’m far from a dumbass. Not all messengers ride on the sidewalk and no one is out to hit or scare pedestrians. The job requires we ride our bikes as deliberatley as possible, in order to deliver time sensitive packages to corporate offices (like yours). Believe me when I say, that if a messenger comes toward you in a crosswalk, they know exactly what they are doing. I mean they do it hundreds of times each day! Don’t stop and don’t turn around, just keep walking.

  4. i’ve witnessed accidents that say otherwise. I was on a bus in Manhattan where an elderly was getting off a bus and a dumbass bike messenger plowed into her as she was getting off. Obviously, that bike messenger didn’t know what he was doing otherwise he would have seen the opened bus doors. Furthermore, he thought he knew what he was doing and tried to speed between the curb and bus so as to avoid riding along with the rest of the vehicular traffic where he belongs.

    I’m NOT saying ALL bike messengers are retarded but there are plenty who aren’t very skilled at what they do.

    You say, “Don’t stop and don’t turn around, just keep walking.” If that were true, than you bike messengers (or at the least the ones I described in the incident on this post) should not have opened their mouths to “warn” me or the other guy. If they bike messengers are so smart, then ALL of you should be peddling in the streets and not the sidewalks, and follow traffic rules like stop at the red and go at the green.

    Just because you do it a hundred of times doesn’t mean that you will never get into some kind of accident like plowing into a pedestrian.

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