Just when you think…

I am on the E train. I thought I was going to have a homeless man free train ride home. I was wrong.

Once we were in Queens some black homeless man walked into the train car. He was weaing a short white coat or jacket with stains due to use, and dark cargo pants. He stood by the first pole at the end. He grabbed the pole and was pawing at it; not doing anything offensive. He didn’t  smell; surprisingly given the way most homeless people just always smell like they’ve been rolling around in their own filth.

Then he moved up the center aisle, and stopped in front of me. He just stood there. He didn’t smell bad. I was surprised but skeptical.  I mean, I did think I was going to have a homeless man free train ride, and here I am writing this post.

As he slowly moved up the aisle away from me I began to smell of sweet rotten human shit. It wafted down wind as he walked up the aisle. It was nauseating. The stench became more and more foul as he moved up the aisle.

He smelled so bad one man got up and came down the aisle away from the homeless man. He was a white guy. Big and burly. He looked like he may belong to some union for construction work. The man rushed to the door and pressed his face between the cracks to get some fresh air. Or he may have tried to attempt to pry open the doors to get some fresh air.

As soon as the train pulled into Continental and Roosevelt, most of the riders on that end rushed off the train.

When thetrainnresumed it’s route, the homeless man moved between cars to the next car. I thought it was over. I looked over to only see him return.

“Ah, shit!” I thought to myself.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, January 24, 2009.

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