“E” train weekend service change

The “E” train isn’t running between West 4th Street and Chambers Street this weekend. I already knew this. Signs were posted in advance at Chambers Street. Despite this, I still decided to take the PATH train to WTC instead of taking the Hoboken 33rd train where I would be able to catch the “F” train. I have noticed the “F” train takes longer than the “E” train even though there is the service change.

Also, I hate going to Hoboken. The crowd of people (mostly white gals and guys) that  just irk me with their pretensious and smug attitudes. The gals are dolled up in short dresses and plunging necklines revealing what they consider are their sexiest bodily assets. Advertising that they want to hook up and if you get them drunk enough, the guy may get lucky. And let’s not forget abou their sexy footwear, high heels and stilettos. They clamor onto the train on their tippy toes and arms linked with their girlfriends. They’re like a gaggle of honking geese. Their necks extended as they scan the crowded surroundings for their friend who lagged behind and almost missed the train. They squeel and giggle loudly with excitement!

The men also behave badly. They’re like a pack of dogs out on a prowl. They always get on the train with their inflated chests and sniffing around for some action. They’re boisterous. Dressed in their fitted shirts with stiff pointed collars and dark denim. Some wear relaxed jeans and some are ass tight. The shoes are always the same; black leather shoes with the narrow square tip. They’re pumped for the evening.

So basically I am waiting for the “A” or “C” train at Chambers Street to take me to West 4th Street where I will catch the “E” or “F” train.

The “F” train comes. I get on.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, January 31, 2009.

One Response to ““E” train weekend service change”

  1. I have been reading your blog for like 4 months. and I really enjoy what I’ve read. Please keep on bringing it on.

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