Leg crossing

So I’m on the Q46 bus heading home. I am sitting in the three seated bench behind the driver. I amseated in the middle seat. The bus filled pretty quickly but not over crowded. The last guy gets on. He’s not a fat guy but he’s big and tall. He decides to take the seat next to me and right in back of the driver. When he sits down next to, he sinks into the seat and slouches so that we are should we shoulder. It becomes a little tight but not uncomfortable for me. He, on the other hand, is crammed against the plastic barrier separating the driver and the seated passenger. He crosses his long leg, towards my side just shy of kicking me in the shin with the heel of his brown suede loafer.

I understand that there some people like to cross their legs when they sit. I try not as it’s not great for the circulation inthe legs plus you get spider veins when you get older. Anyways, what I don’t understand is why did he have to cross his leg on my side? Why not cross it the other way where he wouldn’t potentially hit someone?

Leg crossing next to someone is a pet peeve of mine (see Commuter Etiquette #4) and maybe yours too. I especially hate it when men cross their leg by placing their ankle on the top I their knee, exposing the underside of their shoe right beside you!

One sudden stop on the bus or train, and you’ll have skid marks or a footprint on your pant leg.

Leg crossing is just rude and disrespectful.

So far, no unfortunate accidents have happened to me yet and there have been plenty of instances where some douchebag takes a seat next to me and then throws his foot on his knee revealing an ugly sole.

The guy next to me changed his seat after some people got off the bus.


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, February 5, 2009.

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