Too many things happening to give it a simple title

I am on the Q46 bus and sitting on the first single seat. This seat is right next to an operable window that you can pull back.

On line while waiting for the bus, there was an elderly looking man who was smoking his nasty cigarette. Forget the fact that it’s a disgusting habit for the individual but it’s obnoxious to expose others to the smells and toxic smoke.

Anyway, the smoker gets on the bus and takes a seat behind me. He doesn’t smell like the ass of a cigarette but that’s because he smells of booze, and I think some shit, too.

The bus was also warm even though it was not cold. The temperature was in the 30’s today.

I cracked open the widow to let in some fresh cool air. An Indian looking lady gets on the bus and sits in front of me in the three seater bench behind the driver. A few minutes into waiting for the bus to depart, she notices the window is cracked open and closes it. I looked up at her wondering what the heck was she doing? She then asks if I had wanted the window open.

I did, I responded. She then made a pathetic attempt to crack open the window at which point I told her to forget about it, and whatever. To which she said something to the affect that the window was for her and not for me to open. I ignored her and she turned away.  That was the dumbest thing I have heard uttered on the bus toward me.

This would happen to me. An obnoxious smoker smoking in line with the smoke blowing down wind towards me. The same smoking asshole sits behind me on the bus but smells like a booze hound with a little bit of shut smell. The bus is hot on a not cold evening. An Indian looking lady, who clearly didn’t study physics, thinks she has the rights to a window even though I am sitting right next to it and the wind would be blowing at me and not at her. For some odd reason she is under the impression that when the bus is in motion the wind will flow against the direction of the airflow.

(sighs with defeat…)


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, February 7, 2009.

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