Contradictory information

I’m on the “F” train and have been delayed for 15 minutes if not longer. At first the announcement said it was due to mechanical problems from a train ahead of us. Then they said it was congestion. Now they are admitting that the delay was because of a sick passenger. To top it off the conductor then added that because of the delay the “F” train I am on will run local but then corrected his statement. Instead the “F” train will run express on the local line.

Not even 5 minutes have past since the “V” train had departed at 71st and Continental. Had the “F” train not been so slow to queue up to Forest Hills I could have been on that “V” train and making better time. Instead, I watched the V train past us in the tunnel and depart before we finally pulled in and stopped.

There are a couple of things very disturbing about this incident. The fact that we cannot rely on the MTA to provide it’s customers with correct information in a situation where they are delayed. Furthermore, the MTA cannot provide it’s passengers with correct travel information so they may properly decide on alternative routes.

What’s even most disturbing to me is what would happen in a real emergency? Why aren’t the train personnel equipped to inform the passengers of the truth behind the situation? The authorities are obviously feeding the train personnel with false information, or rather to a lesser extent, withholding the truth of the situation. Or advising the personnel to announce speific information.

Why? I ask.

We’re all adults here. We can handle the truth. We may moan and bitch about it but at least we know what’s really going on.

So much for MTA’s attempt to be more transparent.

So now that we have moved along, we are now delayed because there are too many trains ahead of us trying to pull into the next station.

It just never ends.

I wonder how will the MTA alert notification will say about this delay? Stay tuned…


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, February 9, 2009.

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