Hand me down trains

While waiting for a downtown local train at 8th Street station I saw a new train for the Q and W lines…

This morning I realized that the old trains that were used on the “E” line before they were replaced with the new models are now being used on the F line.

For two days in a row I noticed that when I stepped into an “F” train, the cars are those of the old “E” trains; the seats are long benches running parallel with the length of the train.

Normally I would recognize this from the head of the train as it pulls into the station and from the exterior body of the train. This time, the head is like the former “F” train; bad orange and yellow seats and the seats are arranged in groups of threes or twos or back to back twos.

I think with the “E” line getting new models, the “F” line is inheriting the old “E” trains. That sucks! Two immeditae reasons come to mind:

1. I think there are less seating opportuniies with the old “E” train seating layout, mainly because there isn’t anything to clearly demark seats. It a free for all. People will cram into what ever space is exposed on a bench. Most people’s attitude is if you can see it, you can sit in it.

2. From my experience with the “E” train, the air conditioning system doesn’t always work, and so I anticipate the summer commute will be hot and sweaty on the “F” train.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, February 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hand me down trains”

  1. This isn’t true. The E trains that the new models are replacing are being taken out of service entirely and used as artifial barrier reefs.

    The F train is slated to also receive the new R160 cars that the E train is currently receiving.

    It is true, however, that the train car you were in is the same model as the old ones on the E line. There are a few still being used on the F line, but they will shortly be phased out.

  2. Thank you Alex. I’m glad to hear that the F line are getting the new models as well. Yay!!

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