Morning mumbo jumbo

I have to say of all the annoying things I see people do on public transportation, religious preaching tops them all.

I’m on the “F” train and there is a black man speaking with a Caribbean accent preaching Christian values and beliefs about repent or go to hell. He speaks loudly and ennunciates certain words which is then emphasized by his accent.

I know this country is built on the foundation of free speech and freedom of religion. I am personally not religious and do not believe in religion and I don’t care for organized religion. I see it as a form of controlling people and to curb their lives from living hedonistic lifestyles. Religious people may feel sorry for me for not believing or living a godless life but on the other side of the token, I feel sorry for those who need religion and rely on blind faith in order to make sense of their lives and actions; things they feel they do not have control of, or take responsibilities for their actions or lack there of.

Even though these preachers come by less frequently than buskers, I think their noise are more annoying. I would have never think to write about this subject here until this jackass came on and disrupted a relatively quiet train ride to work this morning. And I still could here his damn voice and preaching over my earbuds when I attempted to drown him out with my daily dose of Countdown. What upsets me about these preachers is that they have some nerve going around to small cramped public spaces and bombarding people with their beliefs when he knows very well they can’t get away from them.  It’s obnoxious to think that people who are not religious should be, and must repent for their sins or face the wrath of God and go to hell. It’s also arrogant on their part to think that if you do not live a god-fearing virtuous life and seek salvation with the Lord as your Savior, then you are heathen.

I respect those who have religious beliefs but apparently, those with religious beliefs do not respect other people’s right to  not be religious, nor respect the space of others when it comes to preaching their Godly beliefs on a crowded train making express stops, or speaking in such a way that they disrupt the peace.


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, April 9, 2009.

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