Sick passenger causes huge delays

It was announced that there is a sick customer at 71st and Continental Avenue.

This sick person has caused a back log of passengers and trains at stations before 71st and Continental. They just annoinced all “E” and “F” trains will be running on the local track.

They placed an empty train on the “E” train track at Union Turnpike, and so all “E” and “F” trains are running on the “F” train track at Union Turnpike.

We just pulled out and the “E” train that pulled out about 10 minutes ago is stalling in the tunnel as we are. Luckily I am wearing flat heeled shoes so standing in this crowded train won’t be too painful.

We are at 75th Avenue. The “E” train that was next to us just departed and is heading into 71st and Continental Avenue. The train is getting crowded.

The “E” train that was stalled in the tunnel now just pulled up along side and has stopped. Now the announcement is telling it is because of switch problems that we are late.

So which the hell is it?! Switch problems or sick passenger?! I think a combination of both.

The E train just departed and is heading into 71st and Continental, and we are still waiting.

We are getting ready to pull out if 75th Avenue.

We’re in 71st and Continental. We are still on the express track. They just announced that Jackson Height is the next stop so I guess trains are resuming their regular service.

Pulling out of 71st and Continental. Yay! And I have a seat – double yay!!


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, April 23, 2009.

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