Swine Flu in NYC

I just read an article that the swine flu is in NYC!  The potentially deadly disease is reported to have affected students attending St. Francis Prep High School in Queens and so far, has not spread outside of that circle.  To read about this, click here.

So far, no deaths as a result from contracdicting the swine flu has been reported in the United States.  In fact, some of those who have been reported with the disease are recovering, or have recovered.

There is also advisory warning U.S. citizens against travelling to Mexico, as well as taking measures to keep from contracting the swine flu if you are going to travel to Mexico due to the current outbreak that is happening in that country.

“…Officials along the U.S.-Mexico border asked health care providers to take respiratory samples from patients who appear to have the flu. Travelers were being asked if they visited flu-stricken areas.

In San Diego, signs posted at border crossings, airports and other transportation hubs advised people to “cover your cough.” At Los Angeles International Airport, Alba Velez, 43, and her husband Enrique, 46, were wearing blue face masks — purely as a precaution — when they returned from a trip to Mexico.”

– as printed from this article.

Here are some related information you should read up on with regard to the swine flu:


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, April 27, 2009.

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