Bemazed fat people

I am on the “F” train this morning. The seating on this particular train runs parallel with the length of the train. Normally, these benches are supposed to fit 6 people. From what I can see the benches are filled up to 5 overweight people of varying races and sexes. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are just overweight. Anytime there are large rounded people hogging up the seats there is always an insignificant space left over which is useless for any average sized person to sit. The space that is left over fits one of my legs and half my buttocks.

Another thing that I can’t help but notice are the heavy women who seem to sit with their legs open. I’ve been taught to always sit ladylike with my legs closed. I wonder if having such thunderous thighs keeps them from sitting with their knees closer together. Or perhaps they simply just can’t bring their knees together because of their thick thighs prevent them from coming together. Or is it just easier for them to sit kind of free-form like the way their bodies are free forming from their eating and exercising habits?

And then there is this fat man in shorts baring his fat pale legs. They look like they belong on a pig than a human! I looked down below his ankles and only saw brown shoes instead of muddy hooves. His legs are the whitest things on this train under fluorescent lighting. When I first boarded the train I walked towards what I saw were white things. I then realized I was standing in front of a pair of fatty fleshy legs attached to a body whose feet and ankles must struggle to support. I quickly moved away. But then again I couldn’t help but steal glances of those porker sized legs.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, May 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Bemazed fat people”

  1. very funny. has a swine-flu flavour with your references to hogging and pig comparisons.

  2. You seem inordinately concerned with other peoples’ body sizes. Show compassion. These people are your neighbors. I’m a relatively small person, but this is not a function of choice or lifestyle, but genetics.

  3. thanks for your comment.

    i agree that genetics plays a part of how you physically appear but to say it’s just genetics alone? there may be some people who are fat because they inherited from mom or dad or both but there are plenty of fat people out there who are fat because of their poor diet and lack of exercise. and why shouldn’t i be concerned? obesity is a problem in this country. it is a serious health problem.

    i am aware that fat people are our neighbors but apparently, fat people don’t have a clue that trying to wedge your fat ass into a small space between two people on a train bench is just down right messed up; totally inconsiderate of your neighbors.

    thanks for you visit and comment.

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