One hot train car

I was on the “F” train heading home and got took a seat after someone got up to leave.  The seat felt rather warm.  I thought the guy  who was sitting before me was a very warm guy.  I was wrong.  The heat was coming from the radiator below me.  

Today started off warm in the 70’s and sunny but eventually the temperature  dropped down to the 50’s and rainy.  

At first, I didn’t mind the warmth but then it just got too hot.  It seemed like it was cranked to high.  I wondered if anybody else who was sitting felt the heat too but nobody else seemed to be bothered except for those who were sitting on the hot seats. I was able to remove my cardigan (the trains usually crank up the A/C) but it was still hot even though I was wearing a tank top.

I was glad to finally get off the train. It was almost unbearable.  Good thing the train car wasn’t hot throughout.  I’m sure people would have passed out from the heat.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, June 3, 2009.

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