Dickish bus driver

I’m on the bus because of a red light.

From about half a block away, I saw the Q46 bus pull up to the corner bus stop. The traffic light turned red so I quickened my pace in an attempt to catch the bus. I could see the passengers who were waiting at the corner boarding the bus.

The light was still red when I got to the opposite corner, and the bus pulled away from the curb. I approached looking at the bus and then at the driver. At this point we were watching each other. I stood in front of the door waiting and seeing if he will open the door. After a pause, and the light hasn’t changed to go, he opened the door.

At the next stop, he left a woman who approached the bus from along the side. If he was an attentative bus driver, he would have noticed her coming.

These are just some examples of dickish acts by some bus drivers.

The worse is when the bus driver sees you coming and purposefully pulls away so he or she keeps you from boarding the bus especially at a red light. Or they pretend to not hear you when you knock at the door because they font want to compromise the seconds it would take to open the door, let you board, close the door, and prepare to pull out.


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, June 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Dickish bus driver”

  1. Oh man, that commuting stuff is not good for your blood pressure! Don’t those guys know who you are?? You should take their pictures so you can SHAME them here.

  2. My father worked for the MTA. Its a safety precaution. When the bus drivers pull away from the curb, they are not suppose to let you back on.

  3. Hey I understand Dickish Bus drivers better than anyone.


    check it out

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