Sign of summer

Well it’s summer despite the amount of rain we’ve been having.

The first sign of summer beside the warm weather is the result of warm weather. Yesterday while standing in line for the bus in the evening there was an Indian/Pakistani guy on the line behind me. He wasn’t directly behind me. There was someone else between me and the Indi-Paki guy. There was also an evening breeze which I would have described as pleasant but it wasn’t because it picked up the body odor of the Indi-Paki guy and it was anything but fresh if you get my drift. I was blown away with how much the guy smelled. It was as if he was heaping pile of rotten trash and then the wind blew a big waft of the funky smell down your way. I may not have been far from him but if there wasn’t a breeze, I would not have been exposed to his noxious body odor unless I walked passed him.

And then on the bus he stood near me as he prepared to get off the bus. The immediate area was filled with his funky Indi-Paki B.O., and the odor continued to linger after he had gotten off! It was heavy and thick like fog.

Today in the train going home, a balding man with a blown off comb over sat next to me. He reeked too but not as bad as the Indi-Paki guy. This guy just smelled of sweaty armpits.

The sad thing is that it really hasn’t been that hot. I do realize that some people are prone to sweating a little more easily than others, and some people are also prone to smelling worse than others as a result of the heat and sweating.

I’m just not really looking forward to the commute as temperatures and humidity rises especially with the possibility that I should be so fortunate enough to ride on a bus or train whose AC doesn’t work and I’m surrounded by people who’ve been sweating all day long and don’t wear deodorant. Summer in NYC…


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, June 29, 2009.

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