I don’t know where to begin. I’m on the “F” train. I have an old lady sitting next to me, which is fine, but she sat down next to me clutching her shoulder bag at her side, and it’s all up against me. I don’t think that she is clueless. She knows that you’re not suppose to sit with your personal bag on your side when you are sitting next to someone. It’s freakin’ obnoxious.

I have two bags with me and an umbrella. Both bags are on my lap and I have my umbrella in front my legs. It’s not in anyone’s way.

She’s also carrying a Duane Reade shopping bag on her lap with plenty of room for her damn shoulder bag to be placed. She’s not one those feeble old ladies. She’s still got a bit fire left in her but she does need to sit down. The old lady could be self absorbed, or just doesn’t give a shit because she’s old and thinks that she’s entitled.

Before that, a fat round Indian woman was sitting next to me who tripped and almost fell her fat ass on me. Then a stocky Latino sat on the other side of me. I felt squished. The round Indian moved her seat and the old lady that I mentioned above crammed herself next to me.

The old lady and the stocky latino got off the train. The round Indian lady had fallen asleep and is snoring.


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, July 2, 2009.

One Response to “Squished”

  1. Walking home last night across Darling Harbour Pedestrian Footbridge, there was a group of three pushbikes, each with a passenger standing on the extended axle of the back wheels. All six of them looked to be about 13 years old. You are allowed to ride bikes there as I do myself but you have to give way to pedestrians.

    Anyway, these little turds were obviously trying to be tough so I just decided to hold my line and keep walking. ADmittedly, as there were about 100 pedestrians on the bridge with me, I felt comfortable in my stand for pedestrian rights.

    Naturally, I ended up clipping the standing guy on the edge of the group of three who abused me with the rather inventive and original ” F#$% You, you F#$%ing Suit” while his friend continued riding away. Meanwhile, I continued walking the other way with a satisfied smile on my face and a warm glow of victory for pedestrians in my heart.
    Simple victories are sometimes the most enjoyable

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