This “F” train car stinks!

I am on the new model “F” train and the car that I am in smells like a disgusting public toilet room. One black gentleman was so sickened by the noxious smell that he had to get up and stand by the door just so he can catch some “fresh” air when the doors spread open at a station. The guy is literally gagging trying to not breathe in too much of the stale urine stench that is filling this car.

The AC is on but I have no idea where they are getting the air. Now someone just farted…now I want to gag. Not to mention one of these women who are sitting on either side of me is wearing some really cheap ass drugstore perfume. Not helping with the urine stench already in progress.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, July 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “This “F” train car stinks!”

  1. Um, is it really necessary to post the ethnicity of the passersby you mention?

  2. um, i don’t know what kind of reality you live in but people are all different. they come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, sex, race, ethnicity, etc. if it’s not relevant then perhaps we shouldn’t have a made a big deal that Obama is the first black president? or if Hillary won, she would have been the first female president – although I would have added first WHITE female president. there are people who need to understand the difference between making hateful remarks against a particular group of people whether they are male, female, black, white, gay or straight. i like to give a bit of context in my daily encounters. if i lived in a world where everyone was white and you can’t distinguish whether they are male or female, then i’m sure i can pass on those details.

  3. Sorry to laugh but that was funny. How can you go on living there in those conditions?!
    Re comment by cat, I think ethnicity etc. is relevant although I avoid mention of it in my blog because of PC. But, like it or not, there are traits and noting these is just being honest.

  4. thank you for your comment. It’s always appreciated.

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