Hairy Henrietta

I am on the “E” train and this chunky girl is sitting next to me. She could be a dark skin Latina or a light skin black woman; I don’t know. She’s talking to her friends, a chunky light skin Latina and a stocky build black guy who sounds like he’s gay. She tells them what she plans to treat herself to; a Louis Vutton bag and some other kind of high priced item. When she talks, her arms are rubbing against me – really annoying. And her black tresses are touching me; being ground into my upper arm. Her hair smells dirty. I can smell her oilily greasy scalp; it’s nauseating. Plus, the girl has got some nasty hairy arms. They’re not a light covering that you barely see. Nope. Her natural hair color is black and so the hair on her arms are black. I could have mistaken her for Sasquatch. And her arm hairs are short, which implies that she either waxes or shaves her arm hairs. From the looks of things she shaves her arms because they are coming out like stubbles on womens legs.

Her head hair really smells badly. I want to throw up.

I wouldn’t have bothered noticing her if she wasnt constantly rubbing up against me even with her dirty hair and scalp.

Her rubbing was abrasive even through my cardigan. Luckily I was wearing a cardigan. I don’t even want to imgine what it would be like to feel her stubbly arm hairs rubbing against me.

Plus, I couldn’t ignore the things that she was saying. I don’t have a recording even though I have the capability but the things that she uttered from her pretensious mouth made me want to roll my eyes. And she thought she was Miss Thang when she physically wasn’t. Unless you like your women chunky, thick, and hairy. She’s also not tall. Or rather because of her rather stocky build, she appears not to be tall.


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, July 23, 2009.

One Response to “Hairy Henrietta”

  1. Your ‘eye’ for detail is entrancing. I once shared a li-lo (inflatable mattress-thing used in a swimming pool) with a friend and as we kicked our legs in the water, I felt the razor stubble on her lower legs rubbing against my unstubbled legs. It was awesomely repulsive.

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