A loaded seat.

Man, that bench is under some extreme heavy loads. First on the bench was the lady with the shades. Then came the huge black lady who basically took up half of the empty middle seay and then the fat white lady just had to sit down in the half seat. She’s on the edge of the seat! Such a sad state of affairs. At least I’m not getting squished.


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~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, August 21, 2009.

One Response to “A loaded seat.”

  1. Although I generally like most of your posts, and I understand not wanting to be squished, I don’t find it very amusing to simply pick on people because they lead a lifestyle that’s not for you. These women were crushing into each other, so maybe just leave them alone?

    Also, it is absolutely illegal to photograph people specifically and then to publish that photograph without a signed release (regardless of compensation). If I ever see myself on this site, you had better believe that I would press charges as well as sue in civil court. It’s extremely discourteous as well as being illegal. That said, please keep posting pictures of architecture and interesting things because those are great 🙂

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