Bicyclist do not own the bike lane.

I was heading to a meeting this morning. I walked up to the corner of Bleecker and Lafayette to hail a cab; lots of cabs going up Lafayette Street.

There is a bike lane along the west side of Lafayette. There’s also construction work around this area too especially when you turn onto Lafayette on Houston.

Anyways, as I approached the NW corner, I can see an empty cab and raised the customary arm to signal the cab with Starbucks latte in hand and bag in other. The cab pulled over to me and as I reached for the door, a female bicyclist comes barreling down the bike lane yelling for me to move and informed me that I was in the bike lane (her tone added, “You don’t belong in the bike lane! The bike lane is for bicyclist only!”) She caught me off guard. She was forced to slow down and go around me. I told her to shut the fuck up and that she should slow down! I’m sure I also called her a bitch.

Here is an example where the public must demand of their city officials and DOT to enforce traffic laws with bicyclists. Many of them zoom past red lights. Many of them still ride their bike on the sidewalk. And many of them cut off pedestrians.

I also think the bicyclists should be treated like automobile drivers in that they must stop for pedestrians regardless, and at the very least, slow down around pedestrians. When a bicyclist collides into a pedestrian, chances are the bicyclist will survive, and the pedestrian will have a less likely chance of surival with such an impact.

Drivers must keep their eyes on the road and be mindful of what is in front of them. If drivers have to slow down because people are jay walking or crossing in the middle of traffic, the driver is obligated to slow down. This should apply to bicyclists, too.

Had that dumb bitch bicyclist paid attention to what was in front of her (the cab pulling over to the curb), she should have slowed down, waited until the cab pulled away with the customer, or go around the cab.

In fact, I had blogged about an accident that involved a bicyclist colliding into an eldey lady as she got off the bus. The dumbass bicyclist thought he could be slick by avoiding the traffic by slipping by the bus and sidewalk. Well, instead, he hit an elderly lady as she was getting off. And then he tried to flee!

NYC is implementing various sections of Manhattan with bike lanes. I think it’s a wonderful idea. However, I am finding that the bike lanes encourges many bicyclist to speed and disregard traffic laws. Yes, they were already doing that before the bike lanes were introduced but if the bike lanes were introduced to regulate drivers to be mindful of bicyclists, then shouldn’t bicyclists be reulated under the same or similar traffic laws? They shouldn’t be speeding. And I’d they do, they should be ticketed.

The pedestrians are the most vulnerable. We’re not walking around with protective gear and walking at speeds that can kill or seriously injure somebody upon impact.

Just because there is a lane dedicated for bicyclist, it doesn’t mean it’s exclusively yours!


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, September 2, 2009.

One Response to “Bicyclist do not own the bike lane.”

  1. Actually – they do own the bike lane! That said, I agree with you 100%! They are on bikes and can potentially hurt people, although they are usually severely hurt in those accidents as well–unlike motor vehicles. Bicyclists are supposed to obey all the traffic laws; they should be stopping at traffic signals and only going the direction of the road (so on Lafayette, they should only be traveling north). It drives me crazy when bicyclists think they can do just whatever the heck they want! Of course, it also drives me crazy when idiot pedestrians blunder out into the roadway against the signals as well (obviously not you, in this case). Everyone should pay more attention to what’s going on!! There are just too many people here to do anything else.

    And–off topic–why are people so RUDE? Why do people thing that they need to walk down Broadway 3-abreast and somehow take up the ENTIRE sidewalk?? I mean, it’s a HUGE sidewalk, idiots, and people are trying to get to work!

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