Flying off the seat of my pants.

If you follow my tweets, you may have read that I was in a bit of an accident last week on the bus. Nothing serious. I’m fine.

It happened last week. The bus was late for whatever reason and the managing dispatcher was not pleased about it and I guess the bus operator sensed his displeasure.

I was first to board the bus and took a seat in the first blue plastic single seat. The single seats are on the same side as the driver. Across the aisle are the double seats.

Once the bus was loaded with the waiting passengers, the bus pulled away from the curb and off we went along the route.

I’ve been taking this bus for a long time and am familiar with the route. After the bus pulls out, it makes a big U-turn and then makes a big turn down a street along the courthouses.

Well, as I mentioned the bus operator was late and the dispatcher was displeased with her tardiness. I guess she was going really fast.

I was engrossed with the game I was playing on the iPhone, and so when the bus turned down the street along the courthouses, I began to slide around in my seat. I soon realized that not only was I sliding around but my upper body was not being supported by the back of the seat. I tried to grab onto something but there wasn’t anything to grab a hold of! I tried to grab the back of my seat but I felt like I was being tossed around in my seat.

I heard the other passengers gasp as the bus made the sharp turn, and noticed that they were moving to one side of the bus. It looked like the bus was about to tip over as a result of the abrupt wide turn. It was at this point my ass was tossed out of the blue plastic seat. I hit the dirty rubber floors of the bus. I bumped the back of my head as I hit the floor. As the bus regained control after the sharp turn, I slid underneath the double seats. I remember feeling really disgusted because I was on the dirty bus floor.

The bus driver pulled over. I got up and sat back in the single seat. I was shakened. The bus driver asked if I was okay? I said that I was fine but I was more concerned about what the hell just happened. She apologized. Then she asked if I needed an ambulence which threw me into confusion. I told her i didnt know if i needed an ambulence. Was the fall that serious? I mean, yes, I fell but I wasn’t injured. At least, I didn’t think I was. She asked me again if I needed an ambulence. I still didn’t know and became concerned about my physical well being. I evetually declined the request for an ambulence, and said I was fine.

The bus operator resumed her route. I was upset and shakened. I was beginning to feel the aches and pains from the fall. And I wondered about the bus operator’s question regarding the ambulence. Should I have had her call for an ambulence? I did bump my head. And then I wondered what that really meant? How long would it take for the ambulence to arrive? Would the bus be forced to wait with me? Would I be takened to the hospital? I didn’t need to go to the hospital, and I didn’t want to go the hospital. I came to the conclusion that I did not need an ambulence.

When it came to my stop, the bus operator asked me if I was okay as I stepped off the bus. I turned around and I could see the look of concern in her eyes but I think it was perhaps more concern about her employment and if I was going to take action against her or the MTA. I reassured her that I was fine, and advised her to be careful with the turns.

Boy, what a bus ride!


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, September 2, 2009.

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