Proposal to improve NYC MTA ridership

I was waking up this morning when the DJ on my alaram clock radio announced that the new MTA chairperson, Jay Walder was proposing to lower fares for weekend and late night rides so as to promote ridership during off peak time.

I went in search for this article on my iPhone while riding the bus to the train and found it in the New York Times, which you can read here;

This guy has some interesting proposals which I am excited about especially as he’s experienced his proposal for NYC while he worked with Transport for London in England. This is the same guy who introduced the Metrocard system in 1998, and so I am confident that his proposals will bring improvements to a system that is currently cut back on services and increased fares.

One of the things he is proposing is a “…new computerized, scannable fare card would allow New York City Transit to charge passengers different prices depending on the time of day,…”

The PATH already has a scannable card but riders must purchase the $5 scannable card to reap the benefits of savings per ride and refill easily online. I currently do not own this card as the idea of having to buy the scannable card is just ridiculous. I wonder if Jay Walder or the MTA will make NYC riders buy a scannable card?

Mr. Walder is also proposing lowering fares when riders ride late night and weekends. His thinking behind this is to increase ridership during off peak hours, which would in turn help the MTA increase their revenues. I’m a little skeptical of this. Currently, services have been cut or reduced for late night and weekend services. And if they’re not reduced, service during these off-peak hours are obstructed with construction work.

I don’t know if reduced fares is necessarily going to lure more people to take the buses and trains but I certainly appreciate Mr. Walder’s ideas. He’s not only trying to find ways of helping MTA increase their revenues but he wants to improve the ridership of New Yorkers and daily commuter. I wish him luck!

To find out more about Mr. Jay H. Walder;


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, October 22, 2009.

One Response to “Proposal to improve NYC MTA ridership”

  1. Why do you not own the card? The savings make up for it pretty quickly. $5 for the card is because of the cost of making them – if they were given out for free the Port Authority would be running a deficit pretty quickly on them. The card Walder is looking into would either integrate into a credit card (the contactless ones out there), be like the SmartLink card on the PATH, or be a choice of the two.

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