Grab onto something else

On a crowded “F” train heading into the city this morning. I’m standing in front of a full bench and am tall enough to reach the overhead grab bar. A lady who is not as tall standing beside me was holding the vertical grab bar, which meant that her arm cut across in front of me. I find this to be an obnoxious incroachment of one’s personal space in an environment where people have no regard for personal space just because they are taking public transportation.

These idiots are just asking to be leaned up on or pushed or nudged as a result of peoples movements with the train or bus because they’ve placed their arm and hand in the wrong place. And it’s usually the short women who reach across someone to hold onto something they can’t even reach to begin with!

Why can’t people be a little bit more conscious and considerate when commuting?


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, November 2, 2009.

One Response to “Grab onto something else”

  1. The problem is the space factor with the morning commute. I think this will not be such a problem once the US gets highspeed rail, it’s made such a difference here in the UK as they are so much more efficient and comfortable. Stress-free morning travel is a must, I feel.


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