Dumb blonde

I am on the “F” train and was fortunate enough to get a seat when the train pulled into the station. At the next stop, a short hair blonde woman that looks to be in her 50’s boarded the train. She looks like she could be Russian or Polish. She’s wearing a mid length black leather coat which is evocative of eastern european women who wears lots of bling and too much make-up.

She steps in front of me and drops her bags on my feet (f*cking idiot). One of her bags spill out the contents. She apologized as she bent down to pick up her things. She leaves her bags on the floor, one of which is her handbag.

While she stands in front of me, she steps on my toes as if they don’t exist like when she dropped her bags on my feet earlier.

Then the girl with her loud music got off the train, and deliberately stupid eastern European blonde haired hag who is wearing too much make-up falls on me while she tried to sit in the empty seat. She apologized. When she sat down, she popped a piece of gum in her mouth and now is chewing her gum open mouth like a skanky gold-digger.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, November 4, 2009.

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