Booth attendants are obsolete.

Not only are they becoming obsolete but I find them to be incompetant at fulfilling their basc tasks.

A black female booth attendant wearing black plastic studious frames at Chambers Street Station of the A, C, E trains completely ignored me when I tried to ask her a question. I said, “Excuse me,” several times to get her attention. She was looking down at something. I don’t know what she was doing other than chewing gum. I even tried to tap on the glass and waved my hand. She didn’t bother to look up. I wondered if she would have even noticed if I would have been mugged in front of her.

Another incident where a booth attendant, a middle aged Indian-Pakistani man, was being unhelpful. It was several years ago and I was returning home when I noticed a strange Asian man was hovering around me and then followed me off the train. I was concerned and went up to a booth attendant and told him that someone was following me. He looked at me blankly and asked what did I wanted him to do. I looked back at him in disbelief. “I don’t know, maybe call the cops?” I thought to myself. I didn’t bother to continue talking with the useless booth attendant.

I completely understand the authorities of MTA eliminating booth attendant jobs. It is wasteful spending of revenue on people who are paid to sit all day in a box and assist commuters to get to their destinations or help someone in case of an emergency. MTA should close down more station booths especially if it means not having to raise commuter fares to cover the salaries and pensions of incompetant booth attendants.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, February 7, 2010.

One Response to “Booth attendants are obsolete.”

  1. […] glad I’m not the only one who sees the uselessness of these idiots in the glass boxes at the subway stations… It was several years ago and I was returning home […]

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