Dumbass retard

I’ve got a fucking retard sitting next to me. Let me start over on that. I got a fucking retard of a white scruffy man who threw himself into the empty seat next to me; startling me from resting my eyes and listening to a podcast.

He’s got a dumbass look on his face. His lower lip is tucked under his upper jaw which is giving him that dumbass look. He stares in front of him with no intellingence behind his eyes. He’s also got a head twitch thing, too!


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, February 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “Dumbass retard”

  1. i think your a fuckin moron bitch

    i bet your a fat over weight nothing better to do idiot bitch

  2. Ha ha! You keep thinking that, you dumbass retard!

  3. It’s your extended vocabulary and common decency as a person that impresses me the most, Commuter.

    This website is nonsense. Please, for the sake of everyone on the Internet, go buy a fucking car and be done with this. Your complaints are more annoying than the people you claim to be idiots.

  4. Thank you Jacob for your comment. Not sure what led you to the site but surely you won’t be making anymore visits. And driving won’t be any better as there are also dumbass retards on the roads too.

  5. Keep it up DC. The fools need a place to vent. Just keep your amusing and accurate observations coming mate !!

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