Gorda Latina

OK! So I’m on the F train, minding my own business, sitting in the center seat of the 3-seater bench when a fucking cow gets on the train at 34th Street after an evening of shopping. She drags on a large shopping bag holding a comforter and some red plastic bags. She backs up into the empty seat next to the panel, it was like watching an ugly ass eclipse from the corner of my eye. She slumps her fat ass into her, taking my left arm and leg under her. Her weight was pressed down on my coat. I dig between her XXL body and myself to free up my coat. She then makes a comment that I’m taking up two seats!

Me! Taking up two seats?! Me, who weighs 127 lbs barely fills in a single seat, and here was this fucking cow of a Latina claiming that I was taking up two seats! Do you know how uncomfortable that is for someone like me or of average body type to sit with that ridge dividing the seats between our ass crack!? Our butts don’t have the extra lardy padding like this heavy poundage heffer sitting to my left; lifting the ass crack above the ridge.

I corrected her that I wasn’t taking up two seats and that I wasn’t fat (like her). She is not tall but not really short. She is of a hefty stocky body type. Chunks of lard at her ass, at her hips, thighs, torso, and breasts. She’s wide and heavy. She’s wedged in the seat between me and the end panel. I’m like a retaining wall holding her back from forcing me to straddle the other seat to my right, which is occupied by this time. My right side is comfortable and fine. My left side has a heavy load pressure.

The porkette is now sleeping.

This is how big she is; she is holding her hands together in front of her and still her arms are over mine. My upper left arm is trapped under her!

I am just realizing that I am also holding back this massive Latina with my left leg. I am feeling the tension in my legs. That’s how big she is! She can easily take up two seats; and she’s claiming that I’m taking up two seats!? Does she not realize how wide she is!?


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, March 3, 2010.

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