Crazy man’s rant

This past weekend:

On the E train. We were held for a bit after a light skinned black man assaulted one of four young ladies. He came onto the car ranting against the white man. The next thing I heard was a sound of someone getting smacked and then a scream. He backed off and said that he didn’t do anything with both hands raised and continued to back away. He got off the train at Queens Plaza. He was wearing a tan knee length jacket and carrying something in a black plastic bag. Authorities were notified and they were in search of the perpetraitor. The four girls got off the train with one of the MTA authorities. I hope they catch the perp.

I knew right away that this man was going to be trouble the way he boarded the train ranting away like a loon but I didn’t think he was going to assault someone. Good thing I decided to record this asshole’s ranting because the recording indicates the scene I descibed to you above; someone getting smacked followed by a scream. It is so pathetic that this perp was such a coward to assault a young lady on a train car with people. I really hope they catch that son of a bitch!


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, March 17, 2010.

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