It’s not even summer yet but it smells like it

Oh man! I was originally looking forward to summer but now that it’s warm and humid and being around people, I am reminded why I don’t look forward to summer commutes. It’s not even summer and people are sweating and reeking of something nasty!

I was on the E train and when a seat freed up next to a black man with a headband wearing DG glasses and a Spurs jersey, I sat beside him. Big fucking mistake! I don’t know what the hell he was doing this morning but he smelled nasty! He smelled almost like a homeless person! I don’t think he was homeless…, but the there was a homeless man on the train earlier and he smelled. But his odor was more shitty than sweaty. But the Spurs dude was just stinking! I mean, really!

I could not sit next to him. I don’t know how anybody else could have sat next to him without gagging! So I got up and stood next to a man who smelled of middle eastern or Indian armpit. You know what I’m talkng about. It’s spicy and pungent. This was bad. I was surrounded by people who were vulnerable to the slightest of heat and humidity! And there was AC on the train. Ugh! I would not be able to sit next to someone at work who smelled the way they do or be confined on their office space.

Hey people who tend to sweat and smell bad easily, take a shower before you go out in public! Or try on some deodorant! Or change your diet!


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

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