Deliberately obnoxious

I tell you…! I wonder sometime the motivations of some people. I’m on an E train, not crowded, plenty of seats around. In fact, there are a couple of empty benches.

In boards a hefty Hispanic male dressed in the largest white t-shirt that is available and denim short cut off at the knees with two skinny legs supporting the upper body mass. You just know he’s been sweating all day, and now that it’s evening, he’s most likely reeking from all that effort.

He takes a seat between me and another lady. Now, let me just illustrate for you this seating arrangement. I am sitting beside the vertical pole attached to the bench. The lady is sitting on the other end of the bench next to the door. Lots of empty seats aroundas I described earlier. But instead, he makes an effort to come sit down between me and the lady but closer to me for whatever reason. Maybe because the lady had her bag on the seat next to her. I could smell his saline film clinging onto his skin and embedded into the knitted fibers of the white t-shirt.

He knew he was not wanted as he shifted his eyes from the lady on one side of him and then to me. He knew he smelled unpleasant, and that his body funk would make those who he was around uncomfortable. He wanted to be obnoxious, he wanted to be rejected.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, June 6, 2010.

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