Almost suffocated

A troubling incident was averted. If you were out today then you know it was hot. People are not going to be smelling like roses after being exposed to today’s temperature – 99F!

A big man who smelled nasty almost sat down next to me. Actually, had he did, he would have been sitting on me and I’d die from suffocation of his smelly massive body as opposed to being crushed underneath him.

What the hell possesses these large older men to think it is okay to sit in a seat that cleary isn’t big enough for them? Plus, the guy ended up sitting with his legs spread open!

I know he’s hot and he’s tired but come on, dude! Why you gotta be obnoxious like that!?

The next couple of days are gonna be hot and are gonna make for a nasty commuting experience…


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, July 5, 2010.

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