Smelly Indian elephant stampede

Wow! A big fat smelly Indian bitch rushed to get to an empty seat next me; almost stomping my foot in the process. Luckily I saw the freakin’ Indian elephant stampeding this way and moved my feet. Plus she was fighting to get to the seat before a woman who was standing right in front of the empty seat was about to sit down. She basically blocked the lady with her stinky plump body, knocked me in the head with her fat fucking ass before she plopped down.

I should not be surprised by such behaviors on the train and an empty seat especially when it comes to fat cows like this stank ass bitch who doesn’t understand the concept of bathing. Didn’t the Indians invent plumbing?!

And now this fucking fat bitch tried to offer the space between me and her to somebody. They knew better not to take the seat.

Plus this BO bitch talks with her hands crossing in front of me like I’m not sitting here. Her hands deserved to be chopped off.


Finally, the funky BO Indian fat lady got off at 42nd Street.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, July 16, 2010.

One Response to “Smelly Indian elephant stampede”

  1. Hi! I also encouter that in the train this Indian men who is sitting on a reserved seat didnt offer the seat to the old lady so I just give up my seat for that lady. Btw, I am not a local I am a Filipino.

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