The older generation

It never ceases to amaze me how people behave when they take public transportation especially as it relates to other people who are sharing the same space or seat. There was a time when being in public meant putting on your best face forward and whatever vile acts you like to do is kept behind the privacy of your home. These days, people are talking at high volume on their cell phones, clipping their finger and toe nails, rubbing their feet, and so on and so forth. Soon, there will be people defecating on the train; people already piss between cars, and no, they are not only homeless people.

Inconsiderate behaviors are not limited to young able body folks. Nope. It also extends to the old people who take the buses and subways.

Today, while on the bus, an older woman who spoke with an accent got on the bus. I’ve seen her before. She’s one of those talkers, either to herself or to somebody. She takes a seat next to me at the front 3-seat bench. I was in the first seat by the door. She had the pole next to her. She sits with her back against the pole and her knees almost touching me. I’m thinking, who the hell sits like this when clearly I’m sitting in the seat next to her. I say nothing. I believe she is mentally deficient. Perhaps she just doesn’t get it. But then the bus makes one of those stops where you have to hold yourself back from lunging forward. I turned to look at her, and she was making a scrunched up facial expression and trying to hold herself back from crashing into me.

“You mind sitting straight?” I said to her when the bus came to a halt.

She sat straight in her seat like a child being reprimanded for her misbehavior. I thanked her and turned away.

Then when I got on the train, an older lady sat down next to me and puts her shopping bag in the space between me and her. That’s just obnoxious. You don’t put your belongings next to someone. You put them on your lap, or on the floor. I don’t know where her bag has been and I wasn’t going to give her the benefit of doubt that it may be clean. I asked her to move her bag. All she did was tuck it under her which didn’t really do anything because it was back to where it was, touching me.

How do these old folks expect people to extend any courtesy and consideration to them if they can’t even be that way themselves towards others?


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, July 17, 2010.

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