Mario and Wario and a jew

On the E train heading home. It’s the night before Halloween and people are out. Mario and Wario from the Nintendo game boards the car and sit next to me. They are Jewish. How do I know? They say it. Mario says he’s a first generation Jew from Russia. His father was in the army, blah blah blah… It doesn’t matter…

I was hoping these douchebags were getting off somewhere in Manhattan but nope. They’re talking loudly about stupid shit! Wario is sitting next to me and is oblivious to me. He keeps knocking into me. He does not apologize. He’s knocking into me like I don’t exist. Wario is a comic. He’s not funny.

Then Mario explains that when he was young, he was told that when you masturbate, your dead relatives are watching. What!?!!

Plus, there is another guy who is not in costume. He has a yamaha. He talks loudly. They all do. They’re talking like the train is crowded. It ain’t but they’re volume is as loud as a packed train. No, louder…

There’s also a big guy who is dressed in make-shift costume to resemble the baddie in the Mario games. You know, the spike shelled boss. He says little. Instead, he listens to all three Jews speak loudly to each other. I can’t help but listen. They’re so loud!

Ugh! Now they’re getting off at the same stop as me….


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, October 31, 2010.

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