Disruptive singing

I know it’s Halloween and people are going to be out in costume but at this time, people are already at their parties. Again, I was on the E train typing up an email when a tall black man boarded the train between cars singing at the top of lungs about God. He was not preaching, just singing. I have an example of what he was singing and at the high volume he was singing at.

I am personally not religious and I consider myself as being tolerant of others who are religious. I know you may not believe me. I don’t care. But when that black man came onto the car singing at the top of the, I became annoyed. And then on top of that, he was singing about God. I was like, “F*ckin’ great!”

There’s nothing worse than a person who gets on the train and starts preaching about God, repenting, the Devil, sinning, etc. And they do it loudly! For a bunch a Christians preaching about Jesus Christ, they are certainly inconsiderate and rude to others around them. They are disturbing the peace with their public vocal “sermons”. Who wants to hear that crap on their way to work? Their way home, or wherever they are heading to. These preachers are obnoxious and selfish. They only want to be center of attention even though he/she knows they are being ignored. That is why they speak so loudly, or with the case of this black man, singing. It was challenging to think up what to say in my email. His voice grated on my on ears and brains. Luckily, he didn’t stay very long. It was a relief when he got off at West 4th Street.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, November 1, 2010.

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