Leaky bus

Riding one of the NYC MTA buses has it’s problems. There are roaches that scurry about. At times it smells of stale urine. Sometimes the bus reeks of cigarette smoke. The problems become worse when it rains! The buses leak! Pools of rain water collect in the seats rendering it useless unless you’ve got tissues handy. Even if you are able to soak up the water from the seats, you have to then worry about it dripping on you from above! How do you think the pool of rain water got there?

The rain is leaked through the tops of the windows and especially at the escape hatches you see on either ends of the bus. If the bus has stopped long enough, there will be a steady stream of water dripping down on some hapless commuter.

Because some of these seats collect water, it creates an even more crowded bus ride. Everyone wants to get somewhere in the rain but they don’t want to get caught in it. People can’t sit, and so they’re forced to stand holding onto their wet drippy umbrellas.

And let’s not forget the hygiene problems that some committed lack! Whenever there is any sort of precipitation, it just brings out the funk in people. At times, it even heightens the stench even more! This is especially true for people who are over weight, and those who look questionable – like they’re not mentally all there. I had to move away from one extra extra large women who literally could not fit in the rear most corner seat. One leg was sticking out in the aisle and eventually she put the other leg in the empty seat in front of her. She smelled very foul; like she hasn’t washed underneath her fat folds. She looked like she normally smells bad but today, it was just sickening. I had to nice away from her.

The next seat wasn’t any better. I sat next to a guy who just stared in front of him. He was quiet but I get the sense he could snap at any moment for whatever was going on in that head of his. He smelled foul too. I moved away from him.

I settled into a seat that was dry but the guy next to me had bad breath. I only realized this when he opened his mouth briefly. After that, nothing. The bus was getting crowded, filling more and more with wet people. Well, I got to where I needed to go…


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, November 4, 2010.

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