Body slammers

What is the matter with some people when they take public transportation!? It’s like their excuse to behave maliciously to others for no reason.

Here I was sitting on the bus. There was an empty seat between me and another person. A woman gets on the bus and decides to take the seat between me and the other person. Instead of gently seating down between us, she threw herself into the seat hitting me in the shoulder with her fat back! No apologies. She sat as if she didn’t even touch me.

Then the other person gets off the bus and the dump cow ass stomps into the empty seat; shaking the bench. She could have gently slid over or gotten up and gently sat down. Nope. She was a heifer and did not care what others my think of her.

Such attitudes I find intolerable. Perhaps I should have cursed her out. But what would that have accomplished? She clearly didn’t care who she impacted. People who behave this way do not get my respect and shall be addressed as the animals they are.

I know this will come out sounding sexist but it’s not. From my years of experience, I have found that women are the worst offenders of seating etiquette. It doesn’t matter the race or age. However, I must add that mostly women who are heavy and overweight are the common types who make these physical seating offenses. Very few apologize or don’t even acknowledge they hit someone or sit on them. Obviously, people who are of average weight tend not to physically offend surrounding passengers when they take a seat next to someone.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, February 4, 2011.

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