Wishful thinking

I board the F train from 2nd Avenue heading uptown. I noticed an empty seat between two large- Slavic speaking women who were slightly facing each other; having a conversation. In between them are their shopping bags. The train was already filled with people sitting and many standing when I boarded the train. The women clearly were not going to move their bags willingly unless someone asked. I was hoping for a fat woman to come barging onto the train and throw herself down upon their shopping bags but no such woman boarded the train. But that’s not to say a woman came up to them and forced them to remove their bags so the third lady could sit.

Oh, how I so wished someone would come by and give them an attitude. Or cause a bit a drama and humor upon taking the seat besides those Slavic speaking women. This is not the first time I’ve wished for something bad to happen to ill-mannered commuters. There have been many times I wished I could make a smelly ass fart when some fat cow decides to squish me, or when standing in a crowded bus or train just so people can move away from me.


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, February 15, 2011.

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