Three youths walk onto the train…

So three young Israelis boarded the E train. They sit apart but near each other to have a triangulated conversation with way other regardless of other people sitting around including me. There was a drunk black man who seemed confused about where he was going. There was a brief exchange between the drunk black man and one of the Israeli youths. For whatever reason, the drunk black man became upset and got off the train.

Later one of the Israeli youths tried to get my attention but I ignored him but then said, “Excuse me,” and asked for the time. I politely told him the time.

The same Israeli youth put some candies in his mouth and offered one to his friend. Both littered the train with the candy wraps in an obvious disregard for public property. I guess they were being rebellious? Then when we pulled into Queens Plaza, the same israeli youth spat out a lugi in between the platform and train, and then sat bak down.

It is a shame these Israelis were behaving as they were. Not sure what their upbringing is like but NYC does not need Jews like those to give a bad name to other Jews and Israelis.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, February 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Three youths walk onto the train…”

  1. Most of the Jews I know aren’t huge fans of Israelis either. In fact, most Israelis I know aren’t fans of Israelis.

  2. I’ve known some Israelis and I admit they can be a bit rough around the edges until you get to know them.

    I’ve also had a Jewish man explain to me Jews that don’t like other Jews (ie orthodox vs. non-orthodox).


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