Every time guys, regardless of race or nationality, go out in a pack, they say and act retardedly. I was on the evening PATH train heading into the city. The car I stepped onto had several young black men (in their 20’s?). There was a single girl who looked Indian(?) or a mix of Indian and Caribbean(?) sitting next to one of the guys. She had her earbuds in and looked like she was listening to music. One asked her what is the next stop to which she replied, “Exchange Place,” and returned to her music. One of the other guys said to his friend, “But you didn’t get her name.”

The guy who asked about the next stop replied, “Her name is shorty.”

These two guys continued to argue about the girl and then broke out into laughter. Then the guy who made the name challenged began to do push-ups off of the bench, his legs stretched out hitting the girl’s feet. Then he and another guy competed in the number of push-ups they could do from the train floor; the dirty train floor!

Clearly, these guys were going out to have some fun and pick up girls. I was disturbed at the notion that some poor unknowing girl was going to be felt up by dirty hands! Hands that have been all up on the floor of a train! Do people realize what people step onto when they walk? There are lots of people who are careless and step onto dog shit! Let’s not forget about the streets and sidewalks dotted with gobs you see spat out by men and women! And then there is piss from both dogs and humans! I mean, really! I am baffled how often people are oblivious as to the amount of filth they expose themselves to and then pass onto unsuspecting others!


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, February 20, 2011.

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