Smelly ass train station

I have to say that the smells of stale urine at the WTC – Chambers Street train station are getting to the point of being unbearable and makes me want to vomit! It seems like the tracks of the E trains have become the trough of collecting human piss. I’ve seen many people taking a piss standing in between train cars while sitting in the train or walking along the platform. Every time I submerge and emerge from Chambers street, I have to hold my breath or risk inhaling all that nasty stale urine into my mouth and nose. A smell as pungent and as vile as that lingers around that you will need to either blow your nose and/or hock out a lugi to clear that funky stench.

The other stinky train station is Queens Plaza. It smells of human shit every time the E train pulls into that station. The smell of human fecal matter infiltrates into the train before it actually stops and opens it’s doors. It is another train station that makes me vomit.

I’m sure there are other train stations that have an overly ripe odor besides Chamber street and Queens Plaza, and I’d like to hear from other commuters which stations you find possesses a smell worse than death. Leave a comment below of the train station and don’t forget to describe in detail of the funky odor.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, February 26, 2011.

One Response to “Smelly ass train station”

  1. The underpass between the E/M and the 6 at 51st Street. Smells like a nice mixture of vomit and piss every single day.

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