Homelessness and mothballs

I almost sat on a train that reeked of homelessness and mothballs. The mothballs were clearly being used to mask the funky ass odor of a homeless man, who was sitting in one end of the train car. The smell was unbearable and got off of the train immediately before being trapped.

That ride would have been sickening! Inhaling mothballs can’t be all that good for people. If it’s meant to kill and repel moths, then surely, it can’t be all that great exposing yourself to mothballs for however long you’re commuting. Plus, there isn’t anything natural or manmade that is ever gonna to hide or mask the rotten smells of a human being who hadn’t bathed and reeks of human shit!

It baffles my mind that people can sit in such a filthy smelling space such as a train car with a smelly homeless man just as long as they have a seat. Have these people lost their sense of smell?! It makes me wonder how these people live if they can accept sharing the same air space with a man who hasn’t bathed in days, months, or years!

I’m actually more offended by these people than a homeless people. Why? Because not all homeless people stink, and some do make an effort to maintain some level of “clean” hygiene. People who don’t care about the environment of where they occupy are people who I do not want to be near because they are dirty and germy incognito. What gives them away is their hapless behaviors of sitting on obviously dirty seats, placing bags that have been on the floor on seats or on their laps, finding it acceptable to sit in a train car that stinks like human feces; to name a few.

People are such vile creatures!


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, February 27, 2011.

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