Rain, rain go away…

There is something about rain in NYC that makes people especially commuters stupid! Its bad enough that during wet weather, our transit system falters and causes delays. But when people decide to foot it when they have the opportunity then you better learn to move and move out of the freakin’ way. Case in point; I was on the F train which was delayed due to signal problems. When we finally pulled into the first train station manhattan, Manu commuters including myself decided to walk over to the alternative train station by Bloomingdale’s. The station at 63rd street is deep and has levels of floors to climb up. Luckily there are escalators. Escalators that rise to the top at street level.

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with most people. Look out your window and tune into your local weather report! Why the heck are people standing and waiting for the rain to subside!? Especially at the top of a train station where the “up” escalator is dumping people?! Get out of the fucking way people! Seriously!

I’ve never seen such a log jam of human bodies being unnecessarily smashed. Well, I did what any reasonable New Yorker who had to get out of the way and get to work did; I pushed people out of my way. I didn’t bother with saying, “Excuse me.”

People were still standing around like a bunch of morons as I made my way to Bloomingdale’s to catch the 6 train downtown.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, February 28, 2011.

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