Tweeze you

Here’s something I didn’t think happens on the train. Chinese lady plucking her eyebrows on the train! Seriously!

Where the heck was she going that you need to tweeze your eyebrows on the train?! She obviously has no qualms grooming herself in public. And did she think nobody would notice? Especially the person sitting opposite her.

No shame.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, April 10, 2011.

One Response to “Tweeze you”

  1. I have ran through about 8 of your posts and I have to say, it must be difficult to be you.

    I must be nearest the 5 senses of the world as my morning coffee commuter is a cup of coffee make my lunch, take out what is for supper and walk 30 feet to my studio where I begin my day. Time is everything to me and means everything, as you get older this will all make perfect sense. A morning here is listening to birds sing from 5 am on, it is watching flowers open their pedals to the sun, it is being close to the best sea food the oceans have to offer, traveling without ever a rush hour, never experiencing traffic, or not knowing what is meant by a traffic jam because the only jam in my life is strawberry. It is the smell of the cool ocean breeze on a even tempered night it is heaven and I moved here to get away from what you write about each day. Come and read into what life on an Island could be like, you might give up your commuter. Take care life is as long as you make it

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