Bright orange haired sprite and homeless man

I’ve got a bright orange haired sprite who looks Indian sitting next to me. She can’t seem to stop shifting in her seat. She’s slouching and has her legs crossed so she has no stability; not that the train ride is all that turbulent. She keeps bumping me with her arms as she adjusts herself in her poor seating position.

And a homeless man got on the train and he stinks of shit and salty flesh. He took a seat at one of the corner benches. So unpleasant.

Now she’s talking to her friend with her back towards me. This is just an incident waiting to happen… What an inconsiderate twat.

She’s just sneezed something inherent hand and wiped it on the underside of the seat and the filthy hand is right next to me. She’s obviously not a very classy gal.

Thank goodness, orange haired skank and her friend got off at Roosevelt Avenue. Now, if only the homeless man followed them off the train.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, September 25, 2011.

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