Bag jabbers

One of many things I can’t stand about inconsiderate commuters are those carrying large bags onto a crowded bus and/or train. Unless you’re a stealthy individual or a cat burglar, take your bag off your shoulders and carry it in your hands so it doesn’t hit or jab into people’s bag. It’s obnoxious and inconsiderate of the fact that there are people on the bus or train trying to get to work in the morning (or going home after a long day). Or have the decency to say, “Excuse me”, or “Sorry”.

One such lady boarded the train this morning during rush hour with a bag that was as big as, and as she passed down the narrow aisle of standing commuters, her large bag hit the backs of people including mine. No “excuse me” or an apology. She ended up standing next to me. She placed the large bag on the floor, and while she was fiddling around, the train pulled out the station and she almost fell over.

Another type of annoying bag careier are the ones who carry shoulder bags or messenger type bags. There are some people who are clueless as to where to locate their bag in a crowded bus or train. The best place is to move the bulky bag part in front of you. The next best location is to your hip. Its never a good idea to carry these shoulder bags with the bulky portion behind you because that bulky portion will inevitably be jambes into someone’s back.

A young lady got on the train with her shoulder bag and she decided to plant herself in an awkward spot holding onto a pole behind someone else so her large school bag is bumping my backside.

The commute was less than comfortable as you can imagine. Luckily, I did not have to stay on the train to endure being jabbed in the back for very long.


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

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