Butterball sits next to me

I’m on the F train sitting in the center seat of the 3 seat bench. At 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue, a fat butterball of a woman boards the train and immediately waddles over and plops her heavy body in the seat next to me and the door. She expected me to move over into the other empty seat. I think that’s presumptuous of her. I remained where I was, pinching her fat ass and body between me and the end panel. She could have sat her fat ass in the other empty seat that way the space at the end could accommodate her round body. Her fatness could hang off the edge.

I have no sympathy for fat women like her. She knew she couldn’t possible sit in the seat next to me and the end panel, and yet this lardesses chose to sit in this seat. In fact, I can’t help by notice that these porky women like to sit in seats next to the end panel. Why!? It ain’t gonna make them less fat. If anything, it just makes them take up room in the seat beside them, which she is doing with me. I can feel her bulging hippo body pushing me over. It’s like a belt about to snap due to the pressure it has to hold back. my left side is going numb from the pressure.

How the hell does he get up in the mornings? How do people get so fat as her. I’m talking about a woman who looks like a ball with nubs for a head, arms and legs. If it wasn’t for hefty weight, she could float away. Kinda like that scene in Harry Potter where Harry made an evil aunt fat and she floated away.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, October 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Butterball sits next to me”

  1. Jeez. What a flippin´drag. Start an anti-lardass campaign. They truly are disgusting in any setting. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the spoiled and rotten cheese odor those people most often emit. lol

  2. I find that most fat women do not smell unless they are ethnic, or when it’s really hot. It’s the fat men who usually smell, and I find they tend to smell like sweat socks. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

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