Don’t say “excuse me” when I’m not in your way

I was on the E train sitting in the middle of the bench. I deliberately sat down in the middle knowing that eventually I will have strangers sitting on either side of me.

When the train pulls into continental and Roosevelt Avenue, two polish or russian guys board the train. One of them takes a seat next to me and expected me to move over for his friend. When I didn’t, his friend says “excuse me” as if I was in the way of him sitting down. I continued to sit still. Then the other guys says, “Could you move over?” To which I replied, “No, I want to sit here.”

The other guy who is left standing goes, “Wow. Wow….wow.” – like that’s going to make me move over?

Well, someone else came and sat down in the empty seat next to me.

It annoys me that people think they have the right to make some move over in their seat when they are with a friend and they want to sit together. What about what the person who’s already in their seat wants? Why can’t people be satisfied with having a seat? You want to sit with your friend? Find a seat that can accommodate both your asses together.

It really is inconsiderate asking someone to move to accommodate you and your friend. It’s not as simple as sliding over. The other seat could be dirty. The person on the other side of the seat could be unsavory. The person is happy sitting where they are sitting and it’s obnoxious for anyone to think otherwise when asking that person to simply move over because its not that simple!


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, December 26, 2011.

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