Just three, NOT four…

There are some people who are just really ignorant and inconsiderate. Sometimes you’ll get someone who is so ignorant that they are oblivious how inconsiderate they are. For instance, on the F train, there was a black guy who was wedged in a seat on a bench that fits 3 people. This black guy was wedged between a Chinese guy and what looked like an Indian couple. They were squished. They looked uncomfortable but the black guy was oblivious to the couple’s discomfort.

Then the couple got off the train and I sat down next to the black guy who then moved over to let a white woman also sit. There wasn’t a whole lot of room to fit her ass down and there wasn’t much more space even after I obliged in moving over. The white woman was barely able to fit her ass down even on the edge of the seat between me and the black guy. She got up and said that she thought she was small enough to fit. Ha! What a laugh! Mind you, the woman isn’t fat but I knew she wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably. Then the black guy stood up and gave up seat.

The white woman doesn’t understand that the bench only fits three people and is still sitting next to me with a space between her and a Chinese guy. Everyone else standing around seems to understand that space isn’t enough for an average adult but apparently, for this white woman and black guy, the bench can fit four.

To further along this story, the Chinese guy got of the train and a large woman sat down. The white woman moves even closer to me, which wasn’t necessary because there was plenty of room to accommodate the large woman. once she sat down, she took up whatever seat space was left.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, April 30, 2012.

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