Fat four-eyed f*ck

This evening a fat four-eyed jerk decided to take a seat next to me on the bus knowing he has no business sitting next to anyone. The guy is pretty rotund. In any case, I was forced to move over so as he’s not up against me. Then another large four-eyed older man boards the bus and the first fat asshole invites him to sit in the empty seat between himself and me. The guy eased himself down. The first fat one then encourages him to lean back, and he does.

The ride on the bus was unpleasant because 1. I’m squished, 2. The guy next to me is sweating, 3. Whenever the bus comes to a stop, the guy next to me presses against me.

The large man eventually got of the bus but the first four-eyed jerk was still on the bus. He had a smug look on his fat face. What an inconsiderate bastard!



~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, June 30, 2012.

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