Loud enough?

Here I am sitting at Grove Street Station waiting for the next PATH train into NYC. A seat away is a heavy set black lady listening to music loudly on her iPhone. She’s not listening with the apple earbuds. She’s got another earphones and it is either leaking music or she’s just blasting up the volume or both. It is obnoxiously loud. It make my ears itch because I can’t get the crap sound out of my ears. It’s actually grating.

Doesn’t she understand that blasting music at high volume will destroy her hearing? Not cool to be playing music so loudly that it disturbs other people. No good to be fat and deaf either.

This is what I’m talking about how inconsiderate people can be while traveling by public transportation. Why play the music so loudly!? I can’t play my music too loudly because it does hurt my ears to hear something so close and so loud. And there’s that ringing in the ears. That’s not going to go away especially when older.

Ah, to be young and ignorant….


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, October 14, 2012.

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